As Good As Nothing

Images really start to become interesting at the point where words cease to be of any use.

What can be explained is probably not really worth explaining.

Words are often used to help us straddle silence, as if it were a hole that we might fall into.

Silence and nothingness do not mean absence. They are the sources from which everything beautiful emerges.

It is all a matter of keeping still enough to start hearing and seeing.

It is false to say ‘less is more’. Less is merely less. More may be too much. Neither is necessarily better or worse. It took me a long time to realize this. Only then did images like those to be seen here become possible.

Very little may be enough, though. Someone once said of my pictures, “there’s almost nothing to see”. It was a criticism, but I was flattered. Just as the best music does not disturb silence unduly, images that are as good as nothing can’t be too bad.

All of the images here were made using a digital camera. The data were manipulated to greater or lesser degrees. For me personally, the results are significant, although they have no meaning or message. In sum, while I have something to show, I have nothing to say.